Michigan is a "No-Fault" state, meaning that people injured in a car accident are entitled to insurance benefits regardless of who was at fault. State law requires that drivers carry No-Fault insurance, which is meant to get accident victims prompt payment for the things they need to recover.

No-Fault insurance provides Personal Protection Insurance benefits, which are known as "PIP benefits." PIP benefits include, among other things:

  • a lifetime medical care for your accident-related injuries
  • up to three years of wage loss reimbursement
  • payment for prescription drugs
  • money to pay those who have helped you with chores and in-home nursing care

Michigan's No-Fault laws are amongst the most complex in the country. Maybe the person driving was not the owner of the vehicle. Maybe the at-fault driver was not insured. What if you were on the job when the injury happened? What if you were the passenger in someone else's car?

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Even Out The Playing Field In No-Fault Insurance Disputes

Insurance companies are heartless corporations. Their interests are in opposition to your own. They delay or outright deny the payment on legitimate claims because they hope that injury victims will just "go away."

Don't let the insurance company deprive you of your rights. You need an attorney who is looking out for your best interest.

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