Many accident victims feel overwhelmed with anxiety and stress as they try to navigate through medical bills and questions from their insurance company all while trying to regain their health. You want someone on your side, guiding you toward answers, and better yet, recovery in every sense of the word.

The lawyers at Harris Altman PC, serving the Detroit area, can help. Here is information about what to do after an accident, assuming you have already contacted police and sought medical care.

Follow your doctor's orders and keep your appointments for medical care and/or therapy. It is important for your case to have documentation of your injuries, as well as a record of consistency to show the court that there is no reason to suggest your own negligence contributed to your continuing pain and suffering.

Do not give a recorded statement to an insurance company. Often, an insurance company representative is asking questions in a manner adverse to your interests. You should defer their questions to an attorney.

Consult with an attorney. It's important you find an attorney who not only has had a record of success in auto accident claims, but a reputation for caring and compassionate client service as you go through this difficult time. You will find both at Harris Altman.

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