A bar, tavern, restaurant or other establishment that sells alcohol could be held liable if they acted negligently when serving an individual, and that individual goes on to get behind the wheel and injure or kill someone with their vehicle.

In Michigan, the liability law in this area includes a "name and retain" provision. It says that within 120 days of filing suit, a plaintiff must notify all defendants they are accusing of liability in the suit.

Consulting With A Lawyer In A Timely Manner Is Important

What's important for those injured in an accident caused by a drunk driver to remember is that time is of the essence. In order for you to have the strongest case and receive the maximum compensation possible for the circumstances, you need to give time for your attorneys to investigate the matter. Harris Altman PC, a personal injury law firm serving the Detroit area, will determine whether an additional party, such as a bar, could potentially be held liable in your claim.

Under the law, once you settle with one party in the accident, you cannot hold another liable. That is why we want to investigate before the 120 days time limit is reached.

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